Sara Petterson, illustrator and graphic designer
I live and work in Bromma, Stockholm, with my husband, two daughters,
three cats and
four bee hives.
As a child I often sat beside my father Gert, illustrator and artist, when he
worked late
in the evenings. We sat together in concentration with the
sound from the radio
as the only background noise. I loved those moments.
After more than 10 years in advertising agencies in both Gothenburg and
Stockholm I made a decision I haven't regretted. In 2004, during my first
maternity leave, I decided to follow my heart and start a new career.
SaraMara the
illustrator was born. The assignments have been many, varied
and fun
. I love my work!
My main inspiration comes from people I know, people I admire, but mostly
people with characteristic looks. Catching characters with my pen is a daily
sport. At least one portrait a day! The techniques varies, but the Mont Blanc
pen is always a favorite. This can be seen in my portrait gallery on Facebook.
Please join my gallery.